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Save When Sending Your Money To Spain


Here at Eye on Spain we are always looking for ways to make the "Spain experience" as comfortable and cost-effective as possible for you.

In association with the leading currency exchange brokers, Moneycorp, we are pleased to present to you our unique partnership aimed at providing you with only the best service and ensuring you always enjoy the best exchange rates, whenever you are sending money to or from Spain.

Message From Moneycorp

At Moneycorp, we always strive to make your international payments as easy and cost-effective as possibsle. Every time you make a currency transaction, you can rely on our expertise and personal service to help get you the value for money you want.

We realise that foreign exchange payments can sometimes seem complicated, and that you may have a lof of questions. We hope to answer many of them here, but please get in touch and speak to an account manager if you require further information.

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"No pressure was placed on me at any time to make use of the their services. Additionally, contact was made by Moneycorp when I was likely to benefit most, i.e., when rates were starting to fall and the market suggested that it was going to continue to do so. Hence by booking at the right time I saved in excess of £20,000 thanks to Moneycorp."
Mrs Kathleen Rose Wade